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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You're being watched! Ochre Court

Right next to Vinland was Ochre Court, the heart of Salve Regina University, where the Sisters of Mercy set up shop after receiving the palace as a gift in 1947.  It was donated by the son of the original owner Ogden Geolet, the Donald Trump of his day.  Such a palace isn't really my style (I'll take that homely shingle mansion down the street) and it was a bit overwhelming even deciding what to photograph.  However, one thing I really did like was the little faces watching you wherever you went (and the craft that went into making them).  Here are a few.....

Handles on front glass (modern) entrance doors.  I think these must have been repurposed from some other part of house.  Sandra Oh's mermaid sister?

lots of eyes on ceiling.....

no apparent use of electrical tape?

she looks sad.

A minature version of the Sala del Collegio in the Doge Palace in Venice.  The fish painted on the coffered ceiling match ironwork in rest of house....all part of the seaside cottage theme.

angry-looking fish...


Not watching, apparently dead....

Queen Victoria?  What are you doing here?

Lastly, a pretty the simplicity of design and sophistication of colors.