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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Al Moudira, A pocket of loveliness...

...on the Nile.

For two nights we stayed at the Hotel Al Moudira, a labor of love which opened about ten years ago and is situated "in the middle of nowhere" on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings.  All the other tourist hotels are on the east bank in the nearby city of Luxor.  Seldom does one find a place that is so perfect, so lovely, so intoxicating...not one false note.  And yes, the fountain is filled with rose petals. 

I'm posting two sets of pics from here as the place is so inspiring....I want to go home and start stenciling.

the entrance hall and reception desk....(the metal detector and armed guards being a discrete distance behind across a courtyard ;-)

Morris chairs!!!  looking right at home in the Ottoman Palace decor.

Beyond the breakfast patio (first pic) is this uber-alcove....what a great place to loll with a nightcap on a hot night.

detail of stenciling

There are numerous things I love about this pic.  First, the seed pods stuck in sand as a "bouquet".  Second, these wrought iron coffee tables are all over Egypt, often painted with designs on top...seems like a perfect idea for Pottery Barn to rip off.  Third, the cotton fabrics in the bold colors and designs are sold in all the souks.  Supposedly they are traditional Nubian designs but I haven't been able to find any validation of this. I bought many pieces in the souks for about $5/yard which I'm sure is five times what the locals pay.  On the construction sites, they hang huge curtains of this fabric to keep dust in (or out?), the same way we would use tarps.

A fabulous stained glass window.  I love the studied randomness of the colors.