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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ten Things Italy Does To You....

1.  You realize you need a town bike with basket and full fenders, even though you already have a road bike and a mountain bike.

2.  You finally understand why ricotta is used in desserts.

3.  You fantasize about roaring off on your Vespa when the light turns green.  Of course, you are in a motorcycle pack.

4.  You get your RAA (recommended annual allowance) of second-hand smoke all at once.

5.  You develop a "thing" for Italian men in lycra on beautiful bikes.

How cute is this....father and son in matching team jerseys and helmets.

6.  You return home with a renewed commitment to your exercise regimen.

7.  You realize Italian is the most beautiful language in the world and you resolve to learn it.

8.  You dig all your high heels out of the bottom of your closet and wear them for a week (until you realize you don't have the genetic mutation that allows Italian women to walk in four inch heels along cobblestone streets).

9.  You realize you have met a true artisti....and he makes your cappuccino every morning (Grazie Dominico!).

10.  You vow to return as soon as possible.

View from room 242, Hotel Mamiani

[This is my 200th post!  I dedicate it to my Italian hosts and new friends Simone and Mateo and to the wonderful staff at the Hotel Mamiani in Urbino.]