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Friday, July 16, 2010

Red House...the main rooms

 Part 2 of the awesome tour through Red House.....The architect Philip Webb designed much of the furniture for Red House -- above is the hutch in the dining room painted in "Dragon's Blood" red.  (In yesterday's post you can see the floor plan of the house. )

Dining room fireplace with miter arch characteristic of much of the interior and exterior brickwork.  I love its 3-dimensionality.

The custom designed dining table with legs that carry out the house's castle turret theme.

As I am away from my library I can't look up the wallpaper pattern but I think it is sunflower?  Does anyone know?

View into dining room from hallway stairs.  I think the wallpaper in the hall is "Apple".

At some point a subsequent owner painted front and side panel paintings over in brown.  Too bad but I love the color of the rest of the piece....turquoise? verdigris?

Down the hall with Webb-designed lighting is a small sitting room with a fireplace that says "Our content is our best having".....obscure??

On the way up the stairs one passes another really simple sweet storage nook.

At the top of the stairs is the main living room with another large custom furniture piece by Webb.  Look at the minstrel gallery with the ladder on the left.  Morris's daughters Jenny and May must have loved this!  You can see the wall paintings by Burne-Jones on either side.

The living room fireplace....motto:  "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis":  Art is long, Life is short.

Below the Burne-Jones murals (unfortunately behind glass) is wainscoting that covers up paintings done by Morris.  Apparently much of the room was covered by his murals before later occupants painted the walls white---heathens!

This is a detail from a bedroom with "Dragon's blood" wooden beams and Marigold (?) wallpaper.  All the wallpaper was added subsequently as Morris did not use any in the house originally.

Tomorrow, the final Red House post....ceilings (incredible) and staircase (a masterpiece).  Ciao!