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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My first in situ Banksy!

I'm in Bristol, England, for a few days, the home of the anonymous and very famous street artist Banksy---remember him from this post?  While out to dinner last night I asked my local hosts if they knew where any "Banksys" were.   Not three blocks from the restaurant was the one above (complete with subsequent paint ball splatters.....don't these graffiti guys have any respect!?!).   As I was crossing the street to get a closer look, a driver barreling down the hill at excessive speeds no doubt had to lighten pressure on the accelerator for a millisecond to avoid mowing us down.  As the disaffected youth flew by he leaned out of window and yelled "c#nt!!".   Normally my first thought would be "asshole!" but in this case it was "Wow, thank you for enhancing my artistic experience."