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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Streaky Bay, South Australia

A typical late 19th century small town hotel/pub characterized by overhanging eaves, upper veranda, railings, corner brackets, wooden "fretwork" (often this is iron filigree). The hotel was established in 1866 but I don't know if this is original building.

I wonder how many people have fallen over after leaving the pub through this front door?

The town you see the small black bits in the water on the right side of far end of jetty?

I ask an old man who was fishing at the end of pier what the pen was for---being from New England it reminded me of a lobster holding pen but I'm thinking it was way to big for lobbies (I'm practicing my aussie lingo there).  The man replied "swimming".   And because the penny still hadn't dropped I said, "yes, but for what?", " the sharks don't get you."