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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Roadhouses of the Nullabor Plain, Mundrabilla

Roadhouse arts and crafts....cute

also nice use of "local" material...

On wall of bar....everything that's ever happened in Mundrabilla?  "Like other locations in the Nullabor Plain area, the area consists of nothing more than a roadhouse, open 5:30am to midnight each day.  The roadhouse includes a small wildlife park with emus, camels, and an aviary." (This seems to have disappeared.)  "Pastoral activities continue in the area, and fragments of a meteorite (The Mundrabilla Mass discovered in 1966) spread over a 60 km range make it one of the largest meteorite sites in the world."

The most notable architectural feature of this room was the black "popcorn" ceiling which looked exactly like the asphalt highway...perfect for a roadhouse!

sunrise in Mundrabilla

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