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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody, Infinity Music Hall

What a combo!  A stunning renovation of an 1883 theater in northwest Connecticut, Infinity Music Hall, provides an incredible, intimate (300 people), and acoustically brilliant concert space within which to hear Al Di Meola, possibly the best jazz guitarist ever, play his new music "Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody".  This followed a sumptious bistro meal served in the arty downstairs restaurant.  Love the horizontal bead-board everywhere.  I look forward to my next visit!

 (all pics from internet...didn't have my camera)

Go Al!

"The maestro is back and he is killing! Al D throws down beautiful nylon-string parts and blazing electric lines on this tango-riffic collection. The playing is spectacular throughout but tones, particularly on 'Paramour's Lullaby' and 'Full Frontal' are so cool they almost steal the show. Bravo!" – Guitar Player