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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greetings from the Big Apple

Where to begin?  With an apology to all those who have been asking after me!  I am alive although you would never know it to judge by the activity on this blog.  Since late January I have been deeply involved in two large science projects and, in whatever spare time was left, was readying my house to put it on the market.  It is now for sale and at the first open house many people apparently commented on the beautiful wallpaper -- Yay William Morris!  In June I am moving to Manhattan and am currently renovating an apartment on upper west side.  I think things are still going to be pretty busy over next 8 weeks as I get ready to move, pack up household, sell house, etc, but please keep checking in!  Lots of great travels coming up including transit through the Panama Canal in June, followed by visit to Amsterdam.  Back to Urbino, Italy, then Switzerland and Ireland in July.  And later in year I'll be spending a few months in India.  So lots of fodder for posts on art, craft, architecture, and neat stuff coming up!