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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Many Uses of Bamboo in the Garden....

Holding up tree limbs.....I'm wondering, does the added support lead to the tree growing in a more sprawling pleasing way?  "Tree"spalier?

Fashioned into various shapes to contain plants -- the bamboo is held together at corners with wrapped wire.  This would be so easy to do in your own garden.

A simple trellis for climbing.....

A rustic arbor.....this one was 3 posts x 5 posts, quite large, with triple layer open "mat" of bamboo laid on top.  Crossovers wrapped with twine.

Another extremely simple arbor, a two-post lean-to against side of building with a climbing vine going up far post.

Cool geometric grids which seemed to be most common under weeping willowy-like trees.  Not sure exactly what the point is but nice to walk under (maybe that is the point).

.....on a zen like path.