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Monday, June 28, 2010

Gotta Love P-town in the Summer!


This is a straight out travel post -- how much fun can you have in one town in two days?  A lot, starting with a 90 minute ride on the high-speed ferry from Boston to Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod.  This past weekend was the annual Portuguese Festival and blessing of the fleet.  Provincetown has a strong Portuguese fishing heritage, is a historical center of fishing and whaling in New England, and also is one of the oldest artist's colonies in the nation.  Its long-standing tradition of tolerance has also led to it becoming a mecca for the gay/lesbian community....think the Key West of the north, complete with equally fabulous beaches.

Two great cab fleets!  The Funkmobiles versus the Mercedes....

In my town, if a kid rode on a fire engine during a parade there would probably be a citizen's arrest for endangering minors.  How refreshing!

Dramatic photographs of the grand dames of the Portuguese community on the main wharf......really beautiful (click to enlarge).

the decked out boats....ready to be blessed.

I hope I'm still living my dreams at 78.....

View from the front porch of White Wind Inn (built 1845) on Commercial St......really lovely hosts, wonderful breakfasts, Saturday afternoon open bar cocktail party on the porch which coincided perfectly with the parade passing by!

This panel van delivering to the restaurants pulled up in front of the Inn early each morning.

Finally, miles of incredible bike trails wind through the dunes of the outer Cape.