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Monday, November 30, 2009

Some magic carpets

 ...designed by Wm Morris:

Bullerswood Carpet (detail), 1889

Holland Park carpet (detail), 1883

The Redcar carpet, c1880

Drawing Room at Standen with Morris carpet

And, in Morris's own home.....

Kelmscott House dining room decorated with a Persian carpet hung on the wall (photograph taken in the late 1890s)

These last two photos were taken from a lovely book called William Morris Decor and Design by Elizabeth Wilhide.

Some modern-day high end merchants of Morris design carpets: Burrows and Co. and English Wilton.

And on the other end, a good place to find some inexpensive "Arts and Crafty" alternatives: e.g., the McIntosh, WillingtonBishop, and Karaman rugs, among others.....