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Friday, November 20, 2009

In praise of dimmers -- electrical, part 2

Last week I wrote about push button switches and this week it's dimmers.  Few rooms in my house do not have dimmers (the laundry room comes to mind) and yes, do this yourself, just don't forget to turn off the electricity.  There is no easier way to make a room feel inviting and beautiful than to dim the lights---that pile of tools in the corner fades into the shadows and you look better too.  Like most people I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and put much thought into the lighting in this room while renovating last year.  There are four sets of lights in this room (five if you count the hood light) and all are on dimmers.  This includes six overhead can lights (Lightolier 5" incandescent/aperture cone) spaced over the room on a dimmer rated for multiple lights; three Lightolier 3 3/4" low voltage overhead lights with halogen bulbs and pinhole trim over the sink counter (these are on a special low voltage dimmer); a rewired light found in a Maine antique shop over the table (normal dimmer switch); and two very inexpensive Xenon undercabinet lights from Home Depot under the wall cabinets on either side of stove (they are dimmed with a built-in rocker switch).  Add candles and votives and, voila, you've created an inviting cocoon of gustatory delight.  Salut!