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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm a Lumberjill and I'm Okay

These are the members of the Colby College Woodsmen Club, a team that competes in traditional woodsmen skills with other college teams in Maine and the Northeast.  Cross saw, bow saw, chain saw, ax-throwing, log-rolling, pole-climbing, log hewing, log throwing----it's all here!  Think of it as a track & field meet for lumberjacks.  It was a total treat to hang out with them during their daily team practice yesterday. 

The ceiling of their clubhouse is covered with the plaques and awards this epic team has accrued over decades.  Nice axe rack.

Any activity that requires specialized footwear is okay in my book.

Lastly, I did not expect to be throwing axes when I got dressed in the morning.   And, I kid you not, that is my second throw----almost a bull's-eye (although not quite from regulation distance)!