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Monday, November 14, 2011

Where to start? Goa

It is very different and overwhelming.  My son and I are living in a dusty town that, maybe, sees a few non-Indian/white people come through for the seaside view each day.  Foreigners on extended stays in India must register with the government; for us, at the police station in nearby capital city, Panaji.  The registration office is piled so high with paper in/on every cupboard, corner, counter and desktop that it seems like a movie set (can this be real?).  Please fill out forms in triplicate and attach multiple copies of this, that, and the other.  To stay at a hotel for one night next weekend we will need to provide multiple copies of passport, visas, and 4 passport photos each to the hotel staff for government purposes.  India puts "red tape" into perspective....

Tomorrow...a world heritage site and the very famous person who is not buried in Goa.