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Friday, June 10, 2011

In Port in Curacao...

The word "port" doesn't really do justice to the sweet little bay, Caracas Bay, that we have tied up in (due to the fact we couldn't fit under bridge to main harbor in Willemstad).  The pic above was taken from port side of can just make out some of ship's crew swimming.  Most ports are the skeeviest places ever.  Other crew went off on bikes that were pulled out of storage, some went for hikes or runs....and of course some went down to the great little thatched bar, Pop's, not a quarter mile up beach.

Later in day, Bride of Deepwater Horizon pulled up next to us, on her way to Gulf of Mexico.  The crew were laughing as five years ago both this "ship" and the JR were side by side in dry dock in Singapore being built and renovated, respectively.  Small world even for big vessels.

 The JR travels with its own guard shack which gets lifted off deck with the ship's crane...

Farewell JR.  Hopefully I'll sail on you again someday soon!