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Monday, May 2, 2011

It's a Bahamian Ting

 Have arrived in Exuma for last two days of the National Family Island Regatta when traditional wooden sailing sloops from all over the Bahamian archipelago arrive in Georgetown Harbor for five days of racing competition.  This is one of the biggest events of the year in the "Out Islands" (the ones where the cruise ships don't go) and Bahamians pour into Exuma from all the other islands.

All these people will race the boat -- when the wind picks up they shimmy out onto two wooden rails to keep the boat from blowing over.  You can see this in the previous pic although the wind was not particularly high so they weren't all the way out.

 Many of the boats are brought over from the other islands on the ferries.

 And because this is Exuma, where everything and everyone is mellow, the police boat not only has  policemen with bulletproof vests and guns, but also all their family and friends.

 During and after the races the party continues on the government dock in Georgetown which has been transformed by the temporary construction of a Main St. of food and drink shacks.  What you can't hear is the blasting music from the huge speaker towers.
 Guava duff and sheep tongue's a Bahamian Ting....

 I can personally vouch for Froggy and Yvonne's ribs....and the Bahamians do in fact make the best macaroni in the world, served by the slice.

Coldest beer and gullywash.

Tomorrow, the parade!