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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some perspective, Stonehenge

So last night I'm pondering Egypt and I think of Stonehenge, a place I first visited as a child, later brought my own children to, and have always thought of with wonder and awe.   Who made this ancient monument?  How were these massive stones lifted into place?  Where were they transported from?  It all seemed so monumentally impressive (pardon the pun).  So I look up the age of Stonehenge this morning to discover they date to ~2500 B.C., younger than the pyramids, tombs and carved temples at Saqqara and about the same age as the Giza Pyramids (and all their accompanying wall carvings, paintings, wooden funerary boats, treasure, etc.).

Suddenly Stonehenge didn't seem quite so impressive!

(pic from wikipedia)