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Friday, August 20, 2010

David Mabb's deconstruction of Morris

(all click to enlarge)

Last month I had an opportunity to visit artist David Mabb in his studio a few miles from William Morris's Red House.  You may remember him from the "Smash the Bourgeoisie" post.  These paintings (on Morris wallpaper) come from a series called Rhythm 69 which can seen in its entirety here along with an essay discussing the installation.  I wish I could buy one (or four) of these paintings but David is hoping to sell them as a set, all sixty-nine---so my next wish is that I owned a large corporate headquarters with lots of wall space!  In fact, why doesn't Sanderson buy these?

Mabb's wall-of-Morris with photograph of him in his Fruit fabric suit posing as Russian artist Rodchenko.