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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Harriet Finck, fractals, and hidden gems...

In Harriet Finck's exhibit "Visual Midrash: Text as Form" the artist explores the written Hebrew word; sometimes the words are written directly on the paper but often they are buried deep within the paintings.  These works of paper tell, as per the artist's statement, stories of birth and death, angels and dreams, despair and redemption.  I don't see the words, even in the closest close-up below, but it is not a language with which I am familiar.  These paintings remind me of aboriginal paintings of the Dreamtime.  I would happily put one of these stunning pieces on a wall in my house (all click to enlarge). 

a triptych

a diptych

another painting



and's fascinating and equally beautiful at every scale....a fractal painting 

Above, detail of painting.....below, detail of carpet in art deco bar in South Beach.  In scientific terminology, an example of convergent evolution.

....and the hidden gem?  the local university art gallery.