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Monday, December 7, 2009

"Stonehurst - An America Masterwork"

On the left side you can see the Japanese family crests that are stenciled on the walls of the great room.  Apparently Richardson had done this in his office/study and the Paines liked the look.  I like it too--there are dozens and dozens of designs that you download in traceable pdf format here--future project!

The Egyptian screen that provided obvious inspiration for so many of the carved oak "screens" around the house (that can be seen in different places in all of the above pictures).

 William Morris's "Marigold" wallpaper in the master bedroom.  They bought it at the same place I buy my Morris paper, Waltham Wallpaper and Paint.

Check out the wooden toilet.

These few photos just give a taste of this amazing house.  I'd like to thank Jennifer Meader for giving me a lovely in-depth tour of the house and grounds (I shall return when the rhododendrons are blooming!).  Much more information about the house can be found on the Stonehurst website.  The labeled photos were taken off the Stonehurst website.