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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rebuilding the world's ugliest deck

This is the back deck of my house which probably dates to the seventies.  That's right, there are no steps to the yard!  When my kids were younger we had a slide from the deck to grass.  Yesterday, i used a hand sledge to knock all the railings off, used my sawzall to saw off posts and lag screws, then pulled up all the decking.  The framing is sturdy and today i added blocking between joists (cut from pulled up decking) and dug two holes at outer corners which were filled with gravel and cement.   Tomorrow i'll put a prefab cement footing from home depot in each hole and add two more vertical posts which will tie into framing at corners.  Here is deck after a few hours of demolition:

Thanks to my neighbor Jay and houseguest Mick for help!