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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heather MacCrimmon's Project Runway

I've always loved Project Runway, the reality show that searches for the next fab fashion designer ("One day you're in, the next you're out").  If you don't know it, each week presents a new competitive sewing challenge where the contestants have, let's say, 5 hours to shop for fabric and make 3 outfits that can be worn to a ball by Serina Williams (or some such).   When I saw an article about costume designer Heather MacCrimmon I couldn't help but think what a great PR challenge this would be.....namely, she takes the fantasy drawings of children too young to be influenced by the fashion industry and turns them into real clothes.  How utterly adorable!  Check it out....

Artist and model: Anne Marie Perlewitz, age 7

 Artist: Ella Ottersbach (photograph by M. Luder)

You are awesome Heather!!  (read the full article here).  I'm thinking I should fire up the old sewing machine and make the William Morris outfits my aunt Anne designed for me last year!

Yup!  It is fashion week in NYC again....