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Saturday, December 12, 2009

DIY - One World Map

the problem:  map taped to wall

the inspiration:  antique map

the process

You will need:   4 half-circle 1" diameter dowels that are 4" longer than the width of the map (any lumber yard will cut them to length for you); paint, glue (I used Elmer's wood glue); staple gun; cotton ribbon or twill tape for ties (sewing notions shop); cord for hanging (ditto); clamps.


Paint the rounded sides and ends of half dowels.  Then staple map along the first painted half-dowel (you only need a few staples as it will also be glued).  A "tie" is also stapled near each end on top.


A bead of glue is laid down along length of first dowel, then the second dowel is laid on top and clamped while glue dries.  Repeat on bottom.  When dry, remove clamps and drill two holes down through the back-side dowel and thread a hanging cord through them.

the new map!