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Saturday, November 14, 2009

In praise of push buttons -- electrical, part 1

above:  single-pole switch, single-pole dimmer, three-way switch


 Almost any house built before the 1940's had push-button switches, typically with a mother-of-pearl accent on the button.  About twenty years ago Classic Accents started reproducing these switches (to meet modern electrical codes) and shortly after that I started putting them back in my-old-house (now three houses later...).  The company's customer service is excellent and they recently replaced one of my switches at no cost even though I had bought it years earlier.   They offer a large array of plate styles but I typically order the forged antique brass (or is it the aged brass?  I never can remember).  It is very easy to change a switch (look for directions on the internet)---just don't forget to turn off the electricity!!!